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You can choose the type of stairs according to your preferences, interior style and dimensions of the staircasel. The place for the stairs must be chosen at the stage of designing the building to avoid further inconveniences. During the reconstruction of existing buildings also need to correctly select the location for the stairs.

Designing stairs should be entrusting an expert, because there are special moments that only knows one that works directly in the field. Experts advise you how much space should be allocated under the staircase, what size hole in the ceiling will be sufficient for comfort staicase.

The most convenient is a staircase with the following parameters:

  • stairway width - 900 mm
  • tread width - 260-300 mm
  • rise height - 150-170 mm
  • fence height - from 900 mm
  • distance between balusters - 120-150 mm (especially important when family has young children)

Installation of stairs is recommended after completion of construction and finishing works. Must be assured floo levels, straight walls, because stairs calculate under well-defined dimensions. When installation is necessary to consider all communications, which are nearby, if necessary moving them. Sometimes requires the construction scheme of communications (electricity, heat facilities, etc.).